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PoryPro - Pokemon Go Shiny Rates


Next Generation Pokemon Go Data Tracking

Though my time in working in the field of Pokemon Go, I have found that despite the beliefs of Niantic high-ups, the majority of players are focused on creating a collection of Shiny Pokemon.

Unfortunately, many times in the past, Niantic has also shown that they have issues maintaining the 'spagetti' game code and have turned these Shiny Pokemon off by mistake or had other issues such as spawning regional Pokemon in the wrong location.

PoryPro aims to correct the record, and show not everyone is perfect.

Inspired by Shiny Hunters, with a twist.

Shiny Hunters ( is a dedicated group of players who self-report Shiny Pokemon. This allows for finding errors in the game as Niantic make them, but also relies on days of self reporting and hoping no trolls mess up the data feeds. This is what PoryPro aims to fix!

Why PoryPro?

The advantages of PoryPro are as follows:

  • Sheer Sample Size. A recent spotlight hour for Munna had over 150,000 Pokemon spawns tracked (the Shiny rate was 1/484 if you are interested).
  • Continous, uninterupted reporting. We track 24/7/365, if Pokemon Go is online, we know whats on the ground in any given area.
  • More than just "It's Shiny!". Because of the sample size, we know if a Pokemon has a correct shiny rate. Not just that it is currently shiny!
  • Multi-day tracking. We keep a long term record of all spawn rates, and unique forms. This allows for compaisons event to event, day to day.

Alpha for now, whats next?!

The current short to medium term goals and looking to be getting Quest data up and running. This data is already being logged, it just needs to be converted to displayable information!

A Discord Bot is also in the works! Allowing you to check in real time without having to visit the website what the current shiny rate is. This gives an amazing power and access to infomation to every community for Pokemon Go without the need to feel as though you are devlving into the dark side.

Check out PoryPro and let us know some feedback in our Discord Server!