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Lizard Lady - Reptile Boarding and Parties!


Reptile Boarding

The Lizard Lady provides reptile boarding for snakes, lizards and some tortoises. Specialising in bearded dragons from her time working as a reptile specialist at Surrey Water Gardens & Reptile Centre in Clandon & breeding an average of 300+ a year for sale.

Events and Reptile Experiences & Parties

With a fully registered enhanced DBS, The Lizard Lady can be booked for events such as birthdays, Scouts and Beavers, and Schools. Experienced with people with special needs and dementia, she has also taken some of her reptiles to care homes and to meet 'Challengers' members. The Lizard Lady and her reptiles are also is a very popular marquee at Cheam's 'Feasty Fest' festival in September.

Care Sheets

There are numerous care sheets available, such as step-by-step instructions how to hibernate your tortoise safely, Bearded Dragon care as well as feeding, Feeder insect nutrition advice as well as detailed articles on substrates and other reptiles.

Tip of the Week

There are also weekly snippets of advice with short quick tips such as bathing your bearded dragon or cutting lizard claws correctly.

Help and Advice

As well as having over 25 years of experience keeping & breeding reptiles, The Lizard Lady also is trained in dog and cat nutrition, knowledgeable about pet birds (she currently owns around 20!) and other pets such as rodents and other small animals, even wild garden birds. She is happy to be contacted for advice via WhatsApp and always gives a quick, personal response, clearly showing her love for all animals as well as reptiles.