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PiHole DNS Ad-Blocking


Adblock Plus, no not that one

I am an avid Ad-Block user, uBlock Origin specifically, and love what it does while I browse the internet to stop trackers and limit what pop-ups occour, but I have always wanted more control.

Pi-Hole is a network DHCP server replacement that can be used to direct all internal traffic out to the internet. Why do this? Because you can out any traffic matching a URL list.

It's simply amazing.

Hate adverts from gambling sites? Want to block gambling sites entirely? Pi-Hole is well curated and is amazing at stopping scams, viruses and general bad actor websites from ever loading in the browser, before the user has to deal with anything.

Simply follow the instructions on a Raspberry Pi and everything works amazingly well and clean. It's an extremely mature and well maintained project. I hope it continues to function so cleanly moving forward, I can't live without it!