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Hobby turned dream job

This post will not be able the details of, more so what it has done for me as a website. It's helped me meet friends, work out what I wanted to do as a job and so much more. This project has been a marathon and I've learned a million and one skills creating and building it.

Minecraft Servers

Playing Minecraft Servers when I was younger, this project was started when I saw people creating server lists in a way that wasn't really helping smaller servers out. The focus was the front page, top 5 servers at most. This is where if I wanted to start my own Minecraft Server I would be upset so I began to build.

Standing out, being unique.

Before I made a major update of an 'Active/Bump list', no server list in the Minecraft Server List niche was doing it, now any new list created has this feature. By no means unique, I do believe that I and my team have popularised the idea and am very happy that small servers now get a chance to promote themselves free of charge.


I am well aware that my design skills are not the best, but I have tried many designs out throughout the years and each time pushing the boundaries of what the optimal design should be. As the community has grown I have realised just how hard it is to please everyone and how much people love a design before it's changed. I don't envy UIX pro's.

Scale is by far the largest project I have ever worked on, the sheer scale has been daunting at times and I am very thankful for very skilled people to be working with me on the project, I don't (at the time of writing) have permission to mention them but will list them as I get it. They deserve all the recognition for the work.

To be updated.

This will get a proper write up one day, but that's not today. I need to dig through all my previous screenshots!

I just loaded up Google Webmasters, 86,939,030 all-time page views. I mean.. wow.